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  • Matt Schultz

The Lansdowne Presents... Reade McCardell Performing His Original Song Entitled “The Sun A Liar”

Reade McCardell is a true “Renaissance Man.” From hosting a weekly radio show called Fewsh on G-town Radio, to recording a curated double-album of incredibly obscure covers, McCardell brings a warm smile, unmatched wit, and masterful artistry to everything that he does. In “The Sun A Liar,” McCardell weaves beautiful fingerpicking on his acoustic guitar under a tale of a sustaining love that "looks great in a swimming suit, too." It's a pleasure to present to you, Reade McCardell. Stay tuned...

Lansdowne Theater Presents was created to raise awareness about the restoration of the Lansdowne Theater, an ongoing effort to revive this beautiful historic theater as a centerpiece not only for Lansdowne but for the entire Philadelphia region. We're excited to celebrate and support the many talented artists from our area through this online series, bridging the gap between great artists and a great space!

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