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Sponsor-a-Seat Program is Live!

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

A seat sponsorship offers a unique opportunity to create a prominent legacy in the historic Lansdowne Theater by placing the name of your family, friend, or business in the limelight. Your donation is commemorated with a personalized plaque that will be mounted on a brand new chair that your donation pays for. Seat sponsorships are valid for twenty years.

2" x 4" brass plaques will be affixed to the BACK of the brand new chair that your donation sponsors.

Cost to Sponsor-a-Seat: (includes custom engraved plate!)

PRIME: $1000 per seat for the first two aisle seats and end seats of each row

GOLD: $750 per interior seat for "gold" seats in select rows (non-end caps)

BLUE: $600 per seat for any other seat

** Credit card payments through this website include a 4% fee to cover processing charges.

To avoid the credit card processing fee, inquire about sponsoring and paying via check by emailing

How to Sponsor-a-Seat:

1) Find an available seat using this map: Lansdowne Theater Seat Map.

An embedded seat map is displayed below, but it is probably easier to open the above link in a new tab because the image is so large. Note the STAGE is in brown at the top, center of the page.

Available seats have their seat number within the grid. Unavailable seats say SOLD.

GRAY sections without a number are not seats (and are not empty areas, but rather account for the curvature of the auditorium radiating from the stage, outward).

2) Once you found your seat that doesn't say SOLD, click the SHOP menu item at the top of the page, or click here. This will take you to our online store. Buy as many seats as you would like, and fill in the inscription on each within the order form. Brass plaques are 2" by 4". They can hold up to 3 lines of text (20 characters per line). The first line is included (20 characters. Each character after 20 is an additional $2 each.

3) Checkout your cart and remit credit card payment. We will email you within a couple of days to confirm your seat location and plaque inscription.



Seat sponsors must still purchase tickets to any performance at the Historic Lansdowne Theater and are not guaranteed seating in chairs bearing their names.

Seat sponsorships last 20 years (which tends to be around the life of the chair, and when replacements will need to be installed).

All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. The Historic Lansdowne Theater Corporation reserves the right to edit dedication plates on chairs and recognition board for space considerations or appropriateness.

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