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  • Brian Flounders

Delaware County Council Commits $2 Million to Lansdowne Theater Project

The Historic Lansdowne Theater Corporation (HLTC) is thrilled to announce that Delaware County Council has awarded a $2 million grant in support of the restoration of the Lansdowne Theater. The funds originate from the county’s allotment of American Rescue Plan Act funds. Delaware County Council previously supported the project with multiple Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) which were used to restore much of the theater’s historic façade. The HLTC currently has an open CDBG award that will be used to reroof the portion of the roof that is part of the façade with terra cotta tiles.

We greatly appreciate council members Dr. Monica Taylor (President), Elaine Paul Schaefer, Esq. (Vice President), Kevin Madden, Christine Reuther, Esq., and Richard Womack recognizing the transformational potential of the project to our community and supporting this grant award.

The HLTC awaits the U.S. Congress adopting the Federal Appropriations Budget. U.S. Representative Mary Gay Scanlon has sponsored a $1.5 million federal earmark to the project in budget. We anticipate the vote on the budget within a couple of weeks.

At the same time, we are working to secure additional grants and affordable financing.

Make no mistake--- we are quickly working towards our fundraising goal!

When all $16.5M in funds and financing are in place we will begin the one-year construction period and open in 2023.

We will update theater supporters through our e-newsletter, and on FaceBook at “Save the Lansdowne Theater.”

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