Historic Lansdowne Theater Corporation


The Historic Lansdowne Theater Corporation , a private non-profit corporation, was established to purchase and rehabilitate the Lansdowne Theater as a place of public entertainment. The reopening of the 1,358 seat theater will catalyze the revitalization of Lansdowne’s historic business district and make the arts, especially live music, more accessible to patrons from throughout the Philadelphia region. 

Operating as a single screen movie theater from 1927 to 1987 the beloved Lansdowne Theater is one of last great theaters from the 1920s that remains largely unchanged in the Philadelphia area. While the building has suffered from years of deferred maintenance it is not difficult to image what it once was and what it can be again.

The Historic Lansdowne Theater Corporation purchased the building in 2007 using a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development. The corporation actively sought tenants that would enliven the building and attract patrons to that would enjoy being in historic Lansdowne. Today, Regency Café and Vinyl Revival are vital parts of our community. 

The HLTC has stabilized the building by fixing leaks in the roof, installing a fire detection system throughout the building, and bringing the office and retail spaces into compliance with building codes. Using funding provided by Delaware County Council the theater’s marquee and outdoor lobby have been restored. 


After many discussions with local residents, consultants and architects, the corporation’s board of directors decided that to adaptively reuse the theater as a concert venue featuring nationally-known adult alternative and classic rock musicians and singer songwriters. With this in mind the corporation has secured an experienced concert promoter to operate the theater.  The theater will also host performances by local and regional non-profit performing arts organizations, lectures, civic and educational events.


We are grateful to the hundreds of volunteers who have helped to clean the theater, produce events and advocate for the project.

Through the leadership of State Representative Nicholas Miccozie (Retired) and State Senator Anthony Williams, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has made a $4 million award through the PA Redevelopment Capital Assistance Program. In order to access these funds the HLTC has been raising funds to meet the match and release these funds. Please join us today by helping us to meet these matching requirements. To make a donation, please click here.

 Matt Schultz   
CEO's Note:  We're already seeing the economic benefit of the theater being active.  The Lansdowne Theater Building is presently home to nine businesses with a total of twenty employees.  When the theater reopens and attracts 100,000 patrons annually even more jobs will be created in the theater and in the surrounding business district.
Board of Directors


Robert Jara

John Carpenter
Vice President

Louis Pavone, CPA

Robert Correia

Steve Eberle

Brian Flounders
Nathan Hall
Suzanne McShane Hall
Nichole Shustack, Esq.

Stephanie Strassel


Matthew Schultz

Executive Director/CEO


Advisory Committee


Dr. Joseph Bruni
Dr. David Campbell
E.J. Meloney, Jr.
Joseph Mettimano
Nicholas Micozzie
Todd Murray
Lou Wheeler


The Historic Lansdowne Theater Corporation is a non-profit corporation operating under Section 501(c)3 of the IRS Code. The HLTC was established in 2006 to restore and reopen the now-shuttered 1927 Lansdowne Theater. The theater is located at 29-37 North Lansdowne Avenue in the heart of historic Lansdowne, Pennsylvania.

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