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  • Brian Flounders

Black Lives Matter

To our community of Lansdowne:

We stand in a powerful moment in human history when our country must reflect on very visible realities of its character, and how those realities may often stand in opposition to the inalienable rights that we so often hold up as essential to our American identity.

In this shared moment, we echo the words that millions of people around the world have been marching for: Black Lives Matter.

We believe that change is most powerful through renewed daily action. As we move forward, the Historic Lansdowne Theater Corporation (HLTC) is actively developing concrete steps to ensure that the Lansdowne Theater is a welcoming, inclusive and safe space for all members of our local community and beyond.

While the HLTC remains consistent in our policy of refraining from displays of political messaging, this message on our marquee reflects this human ideal, as people worldwide join forces to dismantle the systemic and institutional racism that has so disproportionately affected Black Americans. The Lansdowne Theater will only thrive when we support and amplify the many powerful and diverse voices reflected in our community. We ask that you join us in this moment as we listen to each other, heal together, and grow towards a stronger future that we can all be part of, and all be proud of.

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