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BLUE SEAT Sponsorship

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A seat sponsorship offers a unique opportunity to create a prominent legacy in the historic Lansdowne Theater by placing the name of your family, friend, or business in the limelight. Your donation is commemorated with a personalized plaque that will be mounted on a brand new chair. Seat sponsorships are valid for twenty years.
Congratulations! You are sponsoring one BLUE SEAT! These seats are a great sponsorship opportunity.

Please fill out the required information below, including which seat you would like to sponsor, what your inscription will say, and your donor information. The HTLC will approve and confirm all seat inscriptions via email. We reserve the right to make edits for appropriateness, spelling, formatting, etc. We will work with you to make sure your inscription is agreeable to both parties. The first line up to 21 characters is included. Extra characters are $2 each. You may have up to 3 lines of text per seat plaque.

** One form must be filled out per seat, please! Inscriptions can change for each seat your sponsor. **


* Open this link in a new tab. Lansdowne Theater Seat Map

* The lightly colored seats are still available. Find the seat number (for example, the first seat in the front row center section is row A, seat 101. That seat is A101). Type that seat number into the field below.

** Includes 4% fee to cover credit card processing charges. If you want to save the credit card fee, contact us at and inquire about paying with a check.

Seat sponsors must still purchase tickets to any performance at the Historic Lansdowne Theater and are not guaranteed seating in chairs bearing their names.

All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. The Historic Lansdowne Theater Corporation reserves the right to edit dedication plates on chairs and recognition board for space considerations or appropriateness.
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